Pastured Poultry:

We raise Cornish Cross chickens which are the same type of large breasted chickens you will find in a grocery store. Although the breed is the same, you will not find chicken that has been raised like ours in the grocery store! We raise our chickens on fresh pasture and a whole grain, non- gmo (non genetically modified), locally grown feed. The feed is not medicated and our chickens are never given antibiotics.


At around 3 weeks of age they are put on fresh pasture and moved daily to enjoy a fresh selection of bugs and greens. In addition to giving the chickens a healthy diet, it also keeps the chickens from sitting in their own manure and spreads their fantastic fertilizer evenly over the pasture where the plants can readily use it; this keeps nitrates out of our water system.

Our chicken come fully processed and are vacuum sealed for added convenience.  We sell whole chickens as well as individual cuts at the farm and our farmers market locations.  The cuts we offer include; boneless skinless breast, whole breast, split breast, tenders, whole legs, thighs, drumsticks, whole wings, frames, hearts, livers.


Bulk Chicken Special

30lbs whole chicken $100